Research on Hybrid Teaching Mode of Analog Electronic Technology Course under the Background of New Engineering

  • Xia Liu School of Innovation and Eentrepreneurship, North University of China
  • Chongguang Liu Taiyuan Municipal Construction Group Co., LTD
Keywords: Analog Electronic; MOOC; Online and Offline Mixed Teaching; New Engineering


With the development of information technology, the role of analog electronic technology in education and teaching has become more and more prominent. As a more practical professional foundation course, it plays a vital role in the electronics, electrical and communications and other professional knowledge structure. However, the actual teaching process, can not achieve a good teaching effect due to the course content, complex knowledge points and practical and other characteristics. Therefore, this paper focuses on the mixed teaching mode based on MOOC, the optimization of the teaching of analog electronic technology courses to analyze, so as to effectively promote the efficiency of teaching analog electronics technology.


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