Analysis of Virtualization Technology based on Cloud Computer

  • Xinghao Wang Queen’s University/Liberty IT
Keywords: Cloud computing; Virtualization technology; Development trend


As information technology undergoes rapid development, cloud computing has emerged as a transformative computing model, bringing about gradual shifts in our daily routines and professional landscapes. At the core of cloud computing lies virtualization technology, a fundamental innovation that bestows upon cloud computing traits of efficiency, flexibility, and scalability. The following discourse will delve into an analysis of virtualization technology within the context of cloud computing, exploring its underlying principles, diverse applications, and anticipated developmental trajectory. Virtualization technology, as a cornerstone of cloud computing, plays a pivotal role in abstracting physical infrastructure and creating virtual resources, thereby enabling efficient resource utilization, seamless flexibility, and scalable operations. By decoupling software from physical hardware, virtualization facilitates the dynamic allocation of resources, enhancing overall system performance and agility. Furthermore, the application of virtualization technology spans across various domains, including server virtualization, storage virtualization, network virtualization, and desktop virtualization. Each of these applications contributes to optimizing resource management, improving operational efficiency, and reducing infrastructure costs in diverse IT environments. Looking ahead, the development trend of virtualization technology in cloud computing is poised for continued advancement. Anticipated trends include the convergence of virtualization and containerization technologies, the integration of virtualization in edge computing for enhanced real-time processing, and the evolution of multi-cloud and hybrid cloud management solutions empowered by virtualization technology. In conclusion, virtualization technology underpins the efficiency, flexibility, and scalability of cloud computing. Its ongoing evolution and integration with emerging technologies are set to further revolutionize the landscape of cloud computing, offering enhanced capabilities and paving the way for innovative solutions to meet evolving demands in the digital era.


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