Art and Science Press asks authorship with the following conditions with COPE and ICMJE’s guidelines:

  • Someone has made the significant contributions to the paper, including but is not limited to: providing the paper framework, conducting the experiment, data analysis;
  • Drafting the paper, language modified;
  • Responsible and accountability for the explanation of each part of the work, and ensuring that any question will be resolved appropriately;
  • Final approval of the version to be published;

Those who contributed to the work less than all 4 of above criteria should not listed as authors, but should be acknowledged. Authors should have confidence in the integrity of the contributions of their co-authors before submission. Any change, add, or delete of authors is not allowed unless the agreement obtained from all the authors. Note that once an article has been accepted, no changes to authorship will be accepted.

Corresponding author

The corresponding author has the responsibility to contact, and sign the agreement on behalf of all the authors, including but is not limited to: all the information of authors is right, the right order of names, explaining any possible details. The Journal allows a maximum of two corresponding authors.

Changes to Authorship

Generally, the order and authorship is confirmed once submitting a new manuscript. Changing the authorship includes deletions, additions, and order changes, and it should be applied before the manuscript accepted, before which, all the written agreement from all authors should be obtained. Corresponding author should provide the reasons of authorship changing with the details of individual contributions. The Editorial Office reserves the right to approve the requests for authorship changes.