Publishing Ethics

Art and Science Press strictly adheres to the best practice guidelines on research integrity and publishing ethics as followed:


Art and Science Press asks the editors, reviewers, and authors to perform their duties. The Publisher takes publishing ethics seriously with zero-tolerance policy once one unethical behaviors of the plagiarism, data falsification, multi-submission was found. Any new submission need to read and meet the following policies:

Peer Review Process, OA policy, Authorships, Conflict of Interests, Misconduct Policy, Language, Errata & Withdrawal Policy, Preprint Policy, Editorial Policy, Copyright and License, APCs, Informed Consent Statement, Human & Animal Research Statement.


Authors should follow the publishing ethics strictly, and any evidence of unethical conduct, the in-house editor will notify each author and their institute with a retraction released.

Ethical Oversight

Art and Science Press takes the ethical oversight followed the COPE, including but is not limited to: Informed Consent Statement, research involved human & animal, private data practices.

All the manuscripts should be agreed to publish by all the authors, and each author has the right to interpret the results. Researched with humans as subjects, should have the approval from the local institutional review board or ethics committee to confirm that the work meets the local or international guidelines. For some vulnerable groups, the informed consent statement of the guardian and next of kin must be obtained. If subjects are animals, authors must provide the identification code, the name of the ethics committee if there is a national legislation. If there is not the laws or ethical committee related to animal researches, please explain it to Editorial Office ( following welfare management statement.