2424-8975 (Oline), 2424-7979 (print)
ESP aims to explore the connection between the environment and the human condition, and to enhance environmental awareness and behaviour that are critical to achieving sustainable development and human development goals.
Through an interdisciplinary approach, integrating theory, research and practice, we pursue:
1. to study the possibilities of human and social development as a credible paradigm for promoting peace, prosperity and progress in a complex and changing world;
2. Transcend the contradictions and dualities of contemporary thought and methods to form a unified research framework for social psychology;
3. There is a viable paradigm that is conducive to social development, stimulates academic progress in knowledge and the search for empirical evidence and truth, and supports the legitimacy of environmental protection;
4. Healing psychosocial barriers (beliefs, attitudes, stereotypes, prejudices, old Xi and political-cultural Xi) that hinder quality education and academic Xi, while encouraging contemporary dogmas as a result of the influence of social behaviour;
5. Perceive and find a way to nihilism that breeds psychopathologies of self-destructive addiction (sexual abuse, drug and substance use, interpersonal violence, and dysfunction) and breeds chaos, mass murder, and terror.
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