Erratum, Corrigendum & Retraction Policy

Mistakes or errors may be inevitable, and they are a part of science and publishing. The Journal strictly follow the standards on Corrections, Retractions, Republications and Version Control in ICMJE.


An erratum refers to the correction of errors introduced to the article by the publisher in the published papers, which usually will not affect the scientific results and reading. All the publisher-introduced changes are highlighted to the author at the proof stage and any errors are ideally identified by the author and corrected by the publisher before final publication. Readers, authors, editors who notice an error are welcomed to contact


The corrigendum refers to the correction introduced to the article by the authors, which has the possibility of affecting the scientific results. Editors should evaluate the impact and results of the change. Once receiving approval and the instructions from the editors, in-house editor will instigate a corrigendum.


Publications online usually can not be retracted, and retraction should be brought up before the article is accepted. If retraction request is approval, the authors should bear the cost of the publisher with USD 200. During the application process, if any misconduct evidence is accused, the Journal will reject the retraction application. Art and Science Press will take further guidance on retractions and expressions of concern following COPE flowcharts. Authors with sufficient reason will receive a formal retraction notice from the Editorial Office. The retraction and original article should be linked in both directions, and the retracted article should be clearly labelled as retracted in all forms (article page, PDF). The text of retraction should explain why the article is being retracted, and clearly public online.