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  Journal Abbreviation: Environ. Soc. Psychol.

   Publication Frequency: quarterly.

   Publishing Model: Open Access


About the Journal

ESP aims to explore the connections between the environment and human condition, and enhance the environment protection consciousness and behaviors that are crucial to achieve the goals of sustainable development and human development. With interdisciplinary approaches, integrated theory, research and practice, we pursue to:

1. Examine the possibilities of human and social development and use them as a reliable paradigm to promote peace, prosperity and progress in a complex and changing world;

2. Transcend the contradiction and duality of contemporary ideologies and methods to a united framework of sociopsychological research;

3. Have a viable paradigm, conducive to social development, that stimulates the academic aspiration for the advancement of knowledge and the search of empirical evidence and truth, and supports environment conservation as legitimate;

4. Cure the sociopsychological disorder (beliefs, attitudes, stereotypes, prejudices, old habits and politico-cultural practices ) that thwarts the quality education and learning, while encouraging the contemporary dogmas due to the influence of social behaviors;

5. Sense and find a way for nihilism that incubates psychopathology of self-destructive addictions (sexual abuse, substance and drug use, interpersonal violence and anomic dysfunctions) and breeds mayhem, mass murders and terror.

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Published: 2024-03-25
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